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And Cut is a Los Angeles legal video service that specializes in shooting video depositions, day-in-the-life videos, video wills and many other legal video applications for clients in Los Angeles and surrounding counties.

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We'll present you with a complete package, including shooting, editing, and DVD authoring and duplication. In other words, we are full service professionals when it comes to recording Los Angeles video depositions and other legal proceedings. And we have years of experience and credentials.  

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Video depositions - The core of any legal video business is video deposition work. You will receive a professionally produced, procedurally correct recording in compliance with all Federal and State Rules of Civil Procedure.

Settlement Videos - Journalistically styled and shot, our documentaries address the numbers and the real human tragedy of your case so insurance adjusters understand why they shouldn't go to trial. Scripted, edited stories include interviews, graphics, appropriate visuals, and narration. These videos will have a professional journalistic look to them.

Day-In-The-Life Videos - Our edited stories show the tragedy of the plaintiff's injury, adjustment, and everyday struggles by using interviews, well-executed videography, and natural sound recording. Our heartfelt visuals are exactly what the court and jury need to see to fully understand the pain, damage, and financial burden caused by a defendant's negligence.

***When it comes to Settlement and Day-In-The-Life videos, Ken Saltzman understands that -- just as in news reporting -- clear and compelling story telling is as crucial as the facts. You need to involve the viewers so they understand why this story is so important, regardless of whether you're presenting the victim's plight to the jury, to the opposing counsel, or to an insurance company. Like news stories these types of legal videos often involve the difficult but necessary job of interviewing victims and their families. There's a kindness and sensitivity that must be brought to the situation along with the camera gear. Ken understands all of this and is skilled at getting people to open up...letting the story unfold in a natural, engrossing manner. Just one reason why he is perfect for all Southern California Legal Video. _________________________________________________

Site Documentation - Time coded digital videography and photography for defective products, accident scenes, etc.

Trial Preparation - Multi-camera shoots for mock trials and jury deliberations. Also witness preparation videos with attorney and client.

DVD and CD preservation of video and audio evidence - Ideal for cases when appeals can go on for years and you need to preserve information.

Why choose And Cut over the other
Southern California legal video services?

  • You will receive a Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS). This stringent certification, given by The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA), is well-known in the legal community as a sign of knowledge, quality and professionalism in the area of legal videography.

  • Our owner & chief videographer is the highly experienced Ken Saltzman. Ken is well versed in all civil and federal laws pertaining to Southern California Legal Video and well trained in all forms of legal video recording. And, as required by law, Ken is a licensed notary public.

  • Ken was a TV news reporter and videographer for eight years and has a Masters of Science in Broadcast Journalism from the highly-respected Medill school at Northwestern University. This professional experience makes Ken uniquely suited to legal videography.

  • Ken and his team use only professional equipment... digital video, the highest-quality microphones, and professional lighting.

  • Professionalism is the name of the game. Your videographer will always arrive with plenty of time to set up...looking and acting like you would expect of anyone at an important court proceeding.

  • At And Cut, we understand that schedules change and things arise at the last second. We will do everything we can to record Los Angeles Video Depositions on short notice, if necessary.

Questions? Contact us for more information on our Los Angeles legal video services.

And Cut Video Services is a Southern California legal video, wedding, and business video service based in Canoga Park, CA.

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