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We have three main wedding packages -- all of which can be customized to meet your needs.

Each package includes two cameras. This is critically important for getting all the necessary shots. There will be one camera always shooting the entire event, while the other camera gets all of the close-up, second angle & reaction shots (your hands clasped together, the tear running down Mom's cheek, the flower girl who can't sit still, etc.) These are the shots that make the video truly special.

Each package includes DVDs which have been professionally edited using the most modern and romantic of techniques... like Sepia, Slo-mo, Old-film look, Dream effect and more...all set in time to music, that you choose, or we select from our extensive library.

A viewing of some of our past videos will show you just how unique each one is.  There is no template. The mood of the day, the personality of the couple, and the editor's sense of creativity...these are the things that guide the editing process

And all our DVDs come with beautifully customized menus, disc faces and boxes. (see examples)

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These packages can also be used as price guides for Bar/Bat Mitzvah Video, Quinceañeras, Graduations, and other special events.

The Starlet


The Superstar
Number of CamerasTwo cameras at Ceremony,
One at Reception
Two cameras at Ceremony,
Two at Reception
Two cameras at Ceremony,
Two at Reception
Total hours at wedding
(not incl. travel & setup)
5 hours
Ceremony & Reception
(each additional hour is $250)
8 hours
Ceremony & Reception
(each additional hour is $300)
All day.
No limit.
DVD chapters

1) Ceremony
2) Reception

1) Preparations
2) Ceremony
3) Reception
4) Highlight Music Video

1) Photo Montage
2) Preparations
3) Ceremony
4) Reception
5) Highlight Music Video
6) Bride & Groom Interviews

Highlight Music Video
(the best of the best…set to the music of your choice.)
(see example)
$500 IncludedIncluded
Photo Montage
(Up to 100 pictures from childhood, relationship and/or wedding, set to music)
(See example)

Added to DVD
Added to DVD
Included on DVD
*This can be created before the wedding and projected on a giant screen
with a professional sound system at the reception for an additional $300.
Bride & Groom Interviews
(Sometime during the reception, each of you is pulled aside to talk about the other, how you met, your relationship, the big day, etc… It's tastefully edited to music and added as a chapter on your DVD)
Added to DVD
Added to DVD
Included on DVD
*We also do a much more polished version of this (called a "Love Story")
weeks before the wedding 
(see below).
Internet Streaming
(Your own personal web page, for one year, with a streaming version of your highlight video for all to see.)
(requires purchase of highlight video)
$350 Included
Included DVDs3 DVDs

Extra copies - $50
5 DVDs

Extra copies - $50
10 DVDs

Extra copies - $50

Special Add-ons
  • The Love story - $1,000-$2,000 (depending on length & complexity) - This is a special production we can add to any of our wedding packages. A couple weeks before the wedding, we’ll ’interview’ the bride and groom. We’ll spend up to 3 hours shooting these interviews in the locations of your choice (local). We’ll learn all about the two of you, how you met, and your relationship up until this day. We’ll edit the best parts of those interviews with photos and music to create a beautifully romantic story. This will be a separate chapter on your final video. We can also show it on a giant screen at your reception. (We can project it on a giant screen with a professional  sound system at the reception for an additional $250).  (see example)

  • "Thank You" DVDs & CD-Roms - We'll take your Highlight Music Video, combine it with a personal message written by you, and make beautifully labeled DVDs or CD-Roms for you to send out as special "Thank You" gifts to your friends and family. 10-25 discs - $20 each,     26-50 discs - $15 each,  51 or more - $10 each.

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